The taco, a Mexican meal wrapped in a tortilla, is a dish that has always evolved. At Taqueria 27, we’re continuing the trend. Read on to learn about some of our original taco combinations and favorite new taco ingredients.

History of the Taco

According to food historian Jeffrey M. Pilcher, tacos were brought to the United States by migrating workers in the early 20th century. As generations of Mexican Americans grew up, cooks started adding ingredients easily available in the US, such as hamburger, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. Meanwhile, Middle Eastern migrants moving to Mexico made their tacos with pork and pineapple. 

Our Favorite Ingredients

At Taqueria 27, we like to buck “tradition” and go with some more unusual flavors.  Here’s what we like to cook with.

Pork Belly

Like bacon, pork belly comes from the underside or the “belly” of a pig, so it’s fatty and rich. It’s used in cooking all over the world, from Asia to Scandinavia. For our P.B.L.T.A. taco, we smoke the pork belly in-house, cover it with lettuce, tomato, and avocado, then spice it up with jalapeno aioli.

Duck Confit 

Duck confit is a preparation of duck that starts with salting the meat, letting it cure for a day or two in the fridge, then simmering it in duck fat. The final product is meltingly tender. It’s originally a French dish, but why let the French keep all that goodness to themselves? We add Mexican flavor to our Duck Confit taco with chipotle and roasted corn.

Roasted Beets

Beets were grown and eaten in the ancient world, including in Babylon, Greece, and Rome, and became a staple in European food. In the 1700s, German scientists found a way to extract sugar from beets. Later, Polish sugar beets were brought to America and cultivated for sugar production in Utah and California.

We roast our beets to bring out their sweetness. Our Grilled Pears and Roasted Beets tacos are topped with spinach and gorgonzola cheese. You can even do a mash-up and add our carne asada to this taco for an off-menu addition for only a peso or two more.

Turkey Chorizo

Chorizo is a type of sausage originally made in Spain. Spanish chorizo is usually dried and cured, but Latin American chorizo is uncooked. Mexican chorizo contains chili peppers and vinegar, which give it a spicy kick.

Traditionally chorizo is made from pork or beef, but we produce our house-made chorizo with turkey, so it’s full of flavor but lower in fat.

Our House Made Turkey Chorizo taco is topped with chipotle crema for some heat and richness.

Gorgonzola Cheese 

According to Bon Appetit, Gorgonzola is actually a type of blue cheese. During the aging process, blue cheese is pierced through to allow oxygen to activate the mold that gives it flavor. However, Gorgonzola is so soft that it collapses back and quickly stops the mold growth. This produces a cheese with a hint of sharp flavor that’s soft enough to spread on toast or sprinkle on tacos. 

We use Gorgonzola to jazz up our Grilled Portobello Mushroom tacos and our Grilled Pears and Roasted Beet tacos.

Try Them!

Which flavors interest you? If you want an original taco, then our Brent Taco with grilled beef, cheese, and salsa is your best