Made from 100% blue agave, distilled and bottled in Mexico, Vida Tequila is smooth and unique. A perfect compliment for mixed drinks, yet delicious on it’s own.


Vida tequila


You’d never guess it, but one of the best things to come out of Utah lately is—pause for dramatic effect—tequila!

Hey, stranger things have happened. It’s probably also necessary to mention that the tequila itself is actually produced in Mexico, as all real tequila is. The company itself is settled in Utah, which is just as good of a place to drink fine tequila as any.

The tequila is called Vida Tequila, which is Spanish for life—and it certainly is full of just that. Keep reading to find out more about what makes this particular brand of the beloved Mexican spirit so alluring and worth having a shot (or two).

Livin’ La Vida Tequila in Utah

The owners of Vida Tequila go by the names of Lisa and John Barlow, who are based here in Utah.

If you ask us, they’ve created liquid gold—and that’s not just coming from our own bias as tequila lovers. During multiple blind tastings, Vida has held its own next to some heavy competition.

In fact, the tequila did so well that the Añejo selection from Vida was given a total score of 92 out of 100 as per Anthony Dias Blue in 2010. Just a year before the Reposado selection received the highest honor which is a platinum metal during the 2008 Agave Spirits Challenge. Many of the famous tequila brands didn’t even rank.

As we’ve mentioned, tequila is made and produced in Mexico. Specifically, it has to be made in the tequila region of Mexico, namely, Jalisco, to be considered tequila. Vida is no exception as it is made from the highest quality Blue Agave plants right and distilled twice, right in Jalisco.

Vida features three selections of tequila:

The Blanco

Straight from distiller to bottle, Vida’s Blanco selection packs a tangy and peppery aromatic punch with hints of sage and pickle brine. Its flavor is crisp, rich, and bold with vegetal notes and an airy, slightly salty finish.

It’s perfect for mixing with fresh Margarita ingredients or sipping from a glass with a cracked pepper rim. Or you know, taken as a shot.

The Reposado

Vida’s pale golden Reposado selection is aged in American White Oak barrels for up to six months before bottling. Its flavoring is like honey, both sweet and smooth with the subtle tingle of a chile pepper while also exhibiting creamy citrus notes.

It’s great for adding sophistication to minimal-ingredient cocktails, but it’s even better for sipping alone with an orange slice.

The Añejo

For up to 24 months, the Añejo selection ages nicely in French Oak barrels, which takes Vida Tequila to a whole other level. Think flavors of creamy caramel, white pepper, and brown sugar; with the aromas of toasted cherrywood and new leather.

This is one to be sipped slowly, on or off the rocks, with or without a nice slice of orange lightly dusted with cinnamon.

Bottoms Up!

It’s no surprise that tequila has made its way to Utah in this fashion, especially one of the top-shelf tequila brands such as Vida Tequila.

Nothing complements tequila better than good food. Let us cater your next fiesta! Tequila not included.



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