Meet Kristin Gardiner, Co-Owner of Taqueria 27 | Tacos Salt Lake City Utah

Kristin Gardiner has been a part of Taqueria 27 since the beginning.

At the first location in Foothill, Kristin managed the front of the house and managed the bookkeeping and billing. As the business expanded, her role grew to include all the business administration. Like any small business owner, she wears a lot of hats and keeps Taqueria 27 on track with the financial and business goals.

Kristin grew up in Illinois, and after attending college there and earning several degrees in Aviation and Geography.  While there, she decided skiing was going to be her next adventure. Kristin moved to Utah in 1996 and took a job at Log Haven, where she met her husband and co-owner of Taqueria 27, Todd. The rest, as they say, is history.

Kristin continued to work at Log Haven for several years then later went back to school and trained to become a CT technologist. She worked in health care for 10 years, only to somehow find herself right in the thick of the restaurant industry again.

“I had always worked in restaurants; before I went to college, I waited tables. During college, I worked at a bar called Mugsy McGuires, pretty much my entire college career,” Kristin said. “I like the customer service part of the restaurant business, I am a talker.”

Kristin Gardiner and her team work hard at producing a consistent product across all the Taqueria locations.

Ongoing training and customer service tips are constant topics in the restaurant. As part of Kristin’s job, she is the ‘fun planner’ for the restaurants. She attempts to keep the staff excited about what they are doing and create a fun environment. Her team sends out ‘happy grams’ as a reminder to the staff on how great they are doing.

When asked what advice Kristin would give her younger self, she replied:

“Enjoy it, it is easy to get caught up in the minutia of things, it is harder to step back and see the bigger picture–Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Kristin is still a skier and runs half-marathons with her friend. She enjoys hiking, the Red Butte Concert series, and loves their Duck Confit tacos.

Todd and Kristin Gardiner have one teenage daughter, who is currently learning how to drive, adding a whole new element of anxiety to their lives.

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